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Are looking for a unique shower curtains theme? Searched the web for hours and still can’t find anything you like? It makes sense. No one can reach your exact décor taste and needs.

That’s why we’re offering you the ability to design your shower curtain, provide us your desired image to print, self-pictures, family pictures, your view photo from last summer trip to Hawaii or a romantic gesture (take a look at the linked page) to your spouse. It can be ANYTHING you want “don’t let us narrow your options” is a real deal.

Get your custom printed shower curtain for the same price as our prints options. You don’t have to pay more for your passion. Personal taste is no reason to overcharge.

Order process:

  • Pick the image file you would like to make as a shower curtain.

  • The better the resolution, the better is the final print.

  • The shape should be as close to a square as it could, we don’t want any distortions to the final picture print.

  • Purchase the present product on this page.

  • Choose your wanted size, with or without bath mat.

  • Send us an Email to with the order number and attached image(s) file(s). Please inform us which image is for the bath mat and which is for the curtain (if different).

  • This is it! Within 24h-36h you will get a confirmation email for your file(s) saying we have got your image and we started working on your custom made shower curtains print!

  • “Shower of curtains” will not do any other use of your personal photos. Files will erase after the print will be done.



  • Made of a sealed fabric for your own privacy.

  • Made of water-resistant material that prevents mold and mildew.

  • Quick-drying fabric. No liner is needed.

  • Easy to wash, machine wash cold.

  • Stainless metal buttonholes for right grip.

  • Packed with plastic C-shaped shower curtain hooks.

  • Bath mat is made of soft flannel fabric.

  • 71in*71in is the standard shower curtain size.

  • Need extra-long or extra- wide size? Please contact us.

Every shower curtain design can be print on a bath mat. You may either purchase curtain only, bath mat only or shower curtain and bath mat set.

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