Shower Curtains by Sarah Richter

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    The talented artist Sarah Richter created the stunning artwork prints displayed on this shower curtains page.
    Sarah Richter lives in Cottbus, Germany. She grew up in a small village and spent most of her time drawing, always influenced by magical and mythological beings accompanied by the dark beauty and melancholy of the night. It can be seen on each shower curtain in her collection.
    After working as a graphic designer until 2017, she turned her passion into her profession and became a freelance illustrator.
    She works digitally with a drawing pad or traditionally with pen and paper, depending on how the individual project can best be implemented.
    She was always fascinated by the beauty of the night, dark creatures, castles, and the evanescence of being. From those, she got her artistic inspiration.

    Each shower curtain on this page features a design by Sarah Richter.
    Buy unique shower curtains. Buy art.
    Every Order Pays an Artist.

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