Shower Curtains by Rachel Anderson

The talented artist Rachel Anderson created the fascinating artwork designs displayed on the shower curtains on this page.

Rachel has been fascinated with the fantasy world since she was little, when her parents began reading her books like Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz

From then on, Rachel's imagination was incurably overactive. At an early age, she began attempting to bring all the characters and stories in my head to life on paper. Today, she brings them to your bathroom on our printed fabric shower curtains to create a magical fantasy room.

Working digitally gave her the freedom to do a lot of experimentation, and she could develop her own voice and artistic identity. 

Her inspiration is to breathe life and character into the unseen world of imagination. To share the magic with everyone so they can also view and enjoy these fantastic enchanting worlds and characters she envisions. 

Each shower curtain on this page features a design by Rachel Anderson.

Buy unique shower curtains. Buy art.

Every Order Pays an Artist.

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