Shower Curtains by Nene Thomas

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    The talented artist Nene Thomas created the outstanding artwork designs displayed in this shower curtains collection.

    Nene has been drawing and painting her entire life. She began her career as a professional artist in 1994.

    She worked for many companies for the first several years until she grew tired of bringing other peoples' visions to life. Nene became a print artist, painting only the things she wanted to paint.

    She made a name for herself in the world of faery art, selling her paintings at shows around the country. Today, you can enrich your bathroom style with a new shower curtain displaying the same fantastic artwork.

    She worked exclusively in watercolor for the first ten years of her professional career. In 2004, she became enamored with digital art. The inspiration for her works comes from a variety of sources. Still, the vast majority comes from a story she has been working on since high school, "The Zarryiostrom".

    Each one of the shower curtains on this page features a design by Nene Thomas.

    Buy a unique printed shower curtain. Buy art.

    Every Order Pays an Artist.

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