Shower Curtains by Ashley Benson

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    The gifted artist Ashley Benson made the incredible artwork published in this shower curtains collection.
    Ashley S. Benson, known best as AsherBee via social media, is an illustrator who creates vivid artwork that appeals to various consumers. She enjoys themes that are heavily fantastical and give her the freedom to explore color in all its glory. Her choice of medium is digital art, specifically vector-based art. 
    Her work has been featured on a list of toy packaging items, fully illustrated children’s books, and variant comic book covers. 
    Ashley works as a Product Designer by day and a Freelance Artist by night. She has also created her own brands, Fauna Fruits and Rudicorns, which have evolved over time into several products.

    Each one of the shower curtains on this page features a remarkable design by Ashley Benson.
    Buy a memorable printed shower curtain. Buy art.
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