Custom Shower Curtains

Looking for the best design but can’t find anything you like?

The shower curtain ideas we provide are just not good enough?

Sound reasonable, that’s the reason we’re giving you the possibility to do a personalized shower curtain.

make your own print from any image you possess.

Because, what is more unique than a personal photo, drawing or a view picture that you took several years ago at the Maldivians?

Print your favorite picture on a fabric shower curtains, let us the opportunity to help you décor the unique and personal bathroom you want, the bathroom of your dreams.

Custom shower curtains page 1

Above is a great example of bathroom shower curtains display made out of a fantastic photo, taken by a teammate on her trip to Havana a year ago.

Take your most favorite pictures and make them great custom drapes. Our clients’ custom prints feature with the same vivid print and fabric materials as “in stock” designs. You’re getting the top quality printing of your best vacation, family, pats, or other events pictures.

Why should you display others’ pats, landscape photos, flowers and drawing when you can make a shower curtain design by yourself?

Here is another fabulous example of a custom made:

Custom shower curtain page 2

“The romantic gesture” you will certainly get some points for that.

Use your imagination, print themes that no one could ever think about, the stuff you won’t be able to find “on the shelf.”

Your favorite sports team, the car model you like, rock band, alcoholic brand et cetera.

The sky is the limit (even your own sky photo is an option (-; ). 


Custom made shower curtains process:

  • Pick your image file you would like to make as a shower curtain.

  • The better the resolution, the better is the final print.

  • Make a purchase of the clear design (Here or at the bottom of this page) of your wanted size, with or without bath mat.

  • Send us an Email to with the order number and attached image(s) file(s). Please inform us which image is for the bath mat and which is for the curtain (if different).

  • This is it! Within 24h-36h you will get a confirmation email for your file(s) saying we have got your image and we started working on your custom shower curtains print!

  • “Shower of curtains” will not do any other use of your personal photos. Files will erase after the print will be done.