Shower Curtains Sizes

Most common shower curtain sizes:

  • 72” x 72” | 180cm x 180cm – Is the standard size that usually suitable for most showers.

  • 72” x 79” | 180cm x 200cm - Long shower curtain size, for higher rods or shower stalls with curved rod.

    Common stall shower curtain sizes:

    • 36” x 72” | 90cm x 180cm – The regular and simple stall size curtain.

    • 54” x 72” | 136cm x 180cm – Comfortable stall.

    • 54” x 78” | 136cm x 198cm – High rod comfortable stall.


    Custom Sizing

    Shower of Curtain offer the most popular sizes (9 different sizes), but like our unusual designs, we are here for the ones with unusual shower size. If you saw something you like, a shower curtains design that your bathroom can’t miss, but you need other measures than listed, please contact us, we can print almost any size.

    Common extra-long shower curtain sizes:

    • 72” x 84” | 180cm x 214cm

    • 72” x 96” | 180cm x 244cm

    • Or any other size you need.



    Please note:

    The perfect print and most vivid ones are the one printed on 72in x 72in | 180cm x 180cm shower curtains (and smaller). Above this size, the print can get a little out of focus or seem bluer. So, for the perfect result, when choosing an oversized shower curtain, it is recommended to pick a design with fewer details, very detailed pictures are less suitable for large print. Refresh your bathroom with beautiful oversized floral or tropical shower curtains. Keep the funny stuff for the children.


    For any question or more information about custom sizing, please don’t hesitate to contact us (by form) or email us at: