Shower Curtains by Anthony Christou

The talented artist Anthony Christou created the fantastic artwork designs displayed on this page's shower curtains and bathroom mats.

Anthony is a digital artist, traditional painter, illustrator, game designer, and graphic novelist based in Adelaide, South Australia. His passion is for fantasy, mythology, and surrealism.

His art skills, printed on a shower curtain, will make your bathroom extremely unique and unusual.

He is well known for taking his fantasy and popular culture paintings to comic conventions across Australia and the globe. His artwork has been exhibited in several galleries and events across Australia. And now, on your shower curtain in your home!

Each one of the shower curtains features a design by Anthony Christou.

Buy a unique shower curtain. Buy art.

Every Order Pays an Artist.

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Adorable Ancient Angel Animal Animals Anthony Christou Arrow Art Art Painting Artistic Artwork Asia Asian Bat Bats Beach Bear Beautiful Beautiful Girl Bird Birds Black Panther Blue Blue and white Boat Bone Bones Book Bouquet Bow Bow Tie Bulldog Bunnies Bunny Butterflies Butterfly Candle Castle Cat Cave Children's City Cliff Clouds Clurichaun Coastal Colorful Cool Corfu Creature Crow Cthulhu Cute Dark Dark Blue Deck Deer Demon Diamonds Digital Art Dog Dragon Dragon Lizard Dragons Dream Catcher Duck Dwarf Eagle Egypt Egyptian Evil Eye Eyeballs Fabric Shower Curtains Fairy Fairy Tale Fairytale Fantasy Farmhouse Fiction Fire Fjord Floral Flower Flowers Flowery Fog Forest Fox Funny Futuristic Gamers Geeky Gentleman Ghost Girl Girl's Girly Gnome Goat Goblin God Goddess Green Grey Guys' Halloween Hand Holiday Horror Horse House Japan Japanese Jungle Kids' Knight Kraken Lake Leaves Lemur Light Blue Lights Lion Luminous Ages Magical Men's Mermaid Monster Moon Moose Mountain Mountains Mouse Multi Colored Mythology Native Native American Nature Nautical Night Ocean Octopus Orange Orchid Orchids Outer Space Owl Panther Pastel Pegasus Pet Pier Pink Pinkish Pirate Poppies Poppy Printed Shower Curtains Pumpkin Pumpkins Purple Purplish Pyramid Pyramids Rabbit Rainbow Raven Red Red Panda River Sailboat Sailors Scary Science Fiction Sea Sexy Ship Shower Curtain Shower Curtains Skeleton Skies Sky Snake Snow Snowflake Snowflakes Soldier Southwest Space Spaceship Sphinx Squid Squirrel Stars Statue Storm Street Suit Sun Sunflower Sunflowers Sunrise Sunset Sunshine Swamp Sword Swords Temple Tiger TL Artists Tokyo Tree Trees Underwater Unicorn Unicorns Unique Shower Curtain Urban Warrior Warriors Water Waterfall Waterfalls Weapon White White Tiger Wildlife Wings Wizard Wolf Wolves Woman Women's Wonderland Woods Yellow Yin and Yang Zombie
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