Stall Shower Curtain

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    Do you have a stall size shower? So it would be best if you had a stall size shower curtain.  “Shower of Curtains” offers you four different stall shower curtain sizes. Picking the right size for your measurements is the main idea of bathroom decoration and quite necessary so that the design wouldn’t be too bunched up and you may enjoy it properly.

    Our shower curtain for shower stall comes in several sizes:

    • 36” x 72” | 90cm x 180cm – The regular and simple stall size.
    • 48” x 72” | 120cm x 180cm – Extra wide single stall.
    • 54” x 72” | 136cm x 180cm – Comfortable stall.
    • 54” x 78” | 136cm x 198cm – High rod comfortable stall.

    First, to choose a nice shower curtain style, you’ll have to know what the measures of your shower are, and only then continue to select the wanted print. Some prints would be beautiful for a stall shower curtain and other wouldn’t, they will look too small, disproportion and wouldn’t provide the features you were looking to gain, like design with too many details when size do matter.

    Stall shower curtain size is available for all our shower curtains designs, simply pick the one you like.