Shower Curtains Feature Girl power - Marilyn Monroe and Betty Boop

Shower curtains are fantastic way to add personal character to your bathroom. Many shower curtain ideas can help you personalize the way you shower room looks. You can choose a fun hobby of yours, your favorite animal or your choice of view and atmosphere. The following bath curtains feature two female characters, both sexy, independent and powerful women characters, which succeeded in a world that used to rule by men.

One is a cartoon character, and the other is one of the sexiest women ever lived. Both Betty Boop and Marilyn Monroe shower curtains are suitable for men and women’s bathrooms. For men, two of the hottest figures you can find if you’re looking to spice things up and get the perfect “guys’ apartment.”

For women, shower curtains feature these two women figures represent power. A cartoon that turns to be one of the most famous character ever and an actress, which fight for her and other actresses rights against the big studios and won.

Getting a shower curtain feature one of the above will enhance the bathroom’s beauty and chic. Doesn’t matter if it’s an extra-long one or a stall shower curtain, it will look beautiful, sexy and powerful.


Marilyn Monroe shower curtain: The tribute shower curtains collection to one of the most famous women of the last century. Although she died on August 5th, 1962 she’s still one of the most popular sex symbols and plays a significant rule in pop culture. Even though her sexual image, Marilyn was a symbol of independence and girl’s power.

red-and-white-marilyn-monroe-shower-curtain marilyn-monroe-pencil-portrait-shower-curtains


Betty Boop shower curtain: Get a cool retro shower curtain design with the face and hot body of Betty Boop, the most famous sex symbol from the 30s’. These prints will fill the room with uniqueness and young vibes. Those designs are suitable for ladies and gents, for the powerful woman and the common (sexy ladies in the shower seeking) man.

sexy-betty-boop-shower-curtain betty-boop-shower-curtain-bath-time