Purple Shower Curtain

The purple color is a mixture between blue light and red light and can be spotted at the end of a rainbow.

Purple is often associated with royalty and magic. So, if you like to make your bathroom a magically and honor place you might want to use a purple fabric shower curtain design to enhance its appearance rather than other colors.

Purple design can be found in a limited number of collections like floral, art and a few animal designs. Shower curtains with dominant purple colors, like its appearance in nature, are quite rare. Therefore bring a sense of uniqueness and freshness. 

The purple color represents idealism, stimulates intuition, loyalty, integrity and provide serenity feeling. Using a unique shower curtains design with dominant purple color will enrich your bathroom’s contribution to mood temper and will make it a peaceful place. 

One of the greats purple design example is the lavender field, it’s like getting a 1+1 deal at the market. You enjoy the beauty of purple color along with the freshness feeling only floral shower curtain can provide. Top decoration item that enhances pastoral feeling thanks to the wide-open space with beautiful rich colors.

In Japan, the color is traditionally associated with the Emperor. So, go ahead and make it a bathroom of a leader, make your bathroom the most unique and ruling room of the house.

Lavender, purplish butterflies or gorgeous purple octopus painting, it doesn’t matter which one you choose as long as it shades of purple, the king of colors. 

A few purple examples:

Shower Curtains With Purple ColorPurple Shower CurtainPurple Octopus Shower Curtain


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