Crazy Shower Curtains

“Crazy” designs aren't named “crazy” due to design printed on them. It’s about how people will react when they first see them. For me, it starts with the wife telling you to search for shower curtains, and make you in charge of the bathroom’s new look. After two weeks she will understand her mistake. “Don’t hang that! It looks crazy!” well… that’s the point.

The bathroom is a great room you can really express yourself, hanging new funny shower curtains is a matter of minutes so it can be done several times a year. Our bathroom didn’t see Ikea shower curtains for ages since it became my job to pick the designs.  

Make your bathroom or your guests’ bathroom the new cool thing everyone will talk about, people from all over the country will want to stay over so they could take a shower in a truly cool bathroom. Crazy prints are the unique shower curtains, the ones that no one can forget about. Floral, ocean or tropical are beautiful and neat, but they don't make the difference between nice and awesome (!)

Feel free and make the bathroom of your dream do the things you wanted to do as a child. Crazy shower curtains are what everyone wants to buy, but afraid to do so.

Here are few “crazy” examples:


If you’re interesting, take a look at the cool, funny or men’s sections leave the floral and tropical to the ordinary people.