Black and white Shower curtain

Maybe one of the most elegant design features the most comfortable fit colors, black and white.
Black and white bathroom shower curtain is a true desire product because of its lack of color, noise and well fit decoration item for most of bathroom décor designs. There aren’t many who will not secede to find a black-white shower curtain that can fit into their bathroom style and enhance its appearance with modesty and elegant look.
Black and white aren’t actually colors. Black is the lack of light and white is the mixture of all existing colors together.
Even though in our minds those colors have meaning and influence on our feeling and mood. Each color represents qualities that our spirit absorbs.
So, when picking up shower curtains, you should know that colors do have another meaning.
White color: represents in our culture purity, pureness, innocence, peaceful and success. Provide a sense of freshness, cleanliness and renew. Being a “non-color,” combine with another color is recommended to create a barrier. Too much of its freshness and youngness qualities can cause “overdose” of energy.
The zebra shower curtain can be an excellent choice for that reason.
Black color: represent strength, power. Black is the color of protest and decreases since its adsorption of colors and light quality. Like the white, you need to use it with caution and not exaggerate its presence.
It can be assumed that because of those reasons black and white striped shower curtain is so popular. It features both black and white in the simplest way and combines black and white in the simplest way.
Mixing black and white with additional color is a great way to enrich the colorfulness of other colors and enhance the vividness and beauty. The black and white floral shower curtain designs are made for that particular purpose. Those designs feature a white background with a black figure that ornately decorated with colorful flowers or butterflies provide a great mix of colors, creating a beautiful modern decoration style.
Black and white seems like the “easy choice” but, it too includes a wide selection and a lot of different designs. Black and white aren’t just colors (or lack of colors) it’s a fashion say.
Here are some examples this blog referred to:


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