Anchor Shower Curtain

The anchor is a device normally made of metal. Use to fasten vessels to the bed of a body of water to prevent the craft from drifting due to wind or current.
Our nautical shower curtains collection presents a tribute designs to the strongest device across the seas, the symbol of power and strength, the anchor.
Anchor fabric shower curtain designs aren’t just for sailors or mariner. It’s unique shape and the qualities it represents made it one of the popular symbols across the world. Some people tattooed them self with anchor symbol as they achieve some purpose in their life and would like to remember the moment, to “anchor it.”
The anchor is an old symbol of hope. Sailors only hope to survive at sea when the storm is raging. Also, the anchor is mentioned in the Bible in a verse which says:
“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” The anchor was one of the first symbols for Christianity, not the cross.
Those features make the anchor prints cool and unique shower curtains, a decoration products with meaning, not only beauty, which it has plenty.
The common anchor to use for shower curtains is the Admiralty Pattern (also known as "Fisherman") is the anchor shape most familiar to non-sailors. It consists of a central shank with a ring or shackles for attaching the rode. At the other end of the shank, there are two arms, carrying the flukes, while the stock is mounted to the other end, at ninety degrees to the arms. When the anchor lands on the bottom, it will generally fall over with the arms parallel to the seabed. As a strain comes onto the road, the stock will dig into the depths, canting the anchor until one of the flukes catches and digs into the bottom. Our fabric shower curtains are much lighter and softer than it, so don’t worry it won’t break your bathroom tiles ;-).
So, anchor yourself a great looking symbolic anchor Shower Curtain (click on the link for more anchors) design.
Few examples of our anchor prints:
shower curtains of anchoranchor shower curtainnautical shower curtainsnautical anchor shower curtains