Shower Curtains, How Do I Choose The Right One?

The easy answer will be, “choose what your heart is set on” but, it will be too short for my blog.
Actually choosing by your heart is the right answer but there are a few aspects you should look for before you select the one bathroom curtains design.
The reason why there are so many different designs is that everyone wants something different. Different by color, by theme, by season or they are changing their bathroom appearance every two months, and now it’s all about African style.
Dominant Color
Yellow, Pink, White or blue shower curtain, the variety is broad. In my opinion, the color should be the first thing you should decide on. Some would say it should be the theme but, color is way more dominant than one idea or another.
Colors have a great influence on the room atmosphere, and significant effect on our life and feeling (read my past blog about colors affects).
Also, the color needs to fit other colors in the bathroom. You don’t want to get a too dark shower curtain print and insert it into a lovely white and clean look shower room, no matter how much you like the theme.
After deciding on the right color or a range of colors, you should pick a theme.
The chosen color can narrow down your shower curtain ideas and actually make it easier to select the right one. Green, blue or turquoise sends you straight to beach or tropical shower curtains. If you do not settle on one dominant color, you can browse floral or colorful shower curtains collections. 
Of course, choosing a special design isn’t all about color, and if you can’t think of a color you want or you’re looking for a unique, animal, funny, scary or kids’ theme, it cannot be all about the colors.
There is the one who would like to change themes according to changing seasons or picking up a holiday shower curtains print.  
Choosing the right print can be difficult, there can be thousands of more designs, and you wouldn’t like any of them. For that reason, we are offering the ability to send us your photos or designs, and we’ll print them for you. Sometimes custom shower curtains are the easy and better choice. Only you can go inside your head and know what’s right for you.
Pick the one you like or make your own. We know you’ll make the best decision.