How colors affect Our lives And How Colorful Shower Curtains Can Assist

Colors have a significant influence on us, this influence reflected in our behaviors, physical and mental feel, colors can even affect our feels of hunger.

Research finds that colors have an impact of the central nervous system by encourages hormonal activity which is related to our mood and also has an effect on our alpha waves in the brain which have an impact on our awareness.

So, choosing home colors is a more important decision then you thought. While choosing living room colors, the main place of your home is essential, you don't want to forget the smaller rooms, such as the bathroom, which you spend at list an hour every day for 365 days a year. For this reason, picking the right colorful butterfly, tropical or floral shower curtain, has a significant influence on room primary color, as the average shower curtain is 71"X71".

Not all colors have the same influence of course, here are some of the different colors and their impact on our lives. 

Yellow – It one of the most diverse, light yellow encouraging awareness. Darker can motivate your self-confidence. If you're feeling depressed or down pick a yellow shower curtain because yellow color Increases mood and relieves depression.

Blue  - Peaceful and safety, it also claimed that different shades of blue can lower blood pressure. The best thing blue appears in a lot of the most beautiful coastal and beach shower curtain products, so you don't have to give up style for health.

Green - Green is also relaxing, and comfort color and can relieves anxiety. Unlike blue color, it also considered express environment renewal and stability.

Purple – symbolize of wealth and prestige. Also, peace and wisdom may have an impact on inner peace and calm feeling.

Red – The most stimulate color. It represents passion, strength, and youth. But, also cause anger and tense atmosphere, as red is the color usually uses for danger and warnings. So, be aware of the red shower curtain (haha).

As we see every color has its aspects, and maybe the best way to deal with all of those is to pick a shower curtain that contains a variety of colors and not just one dominant. Art, butterfly or floral shower curtain are great option to do so, they blast with fantastic colors and combine several different colors features.

For conclusion do yourself a favor and chose one of our colorful shower curtains, it's not just a question of décor decision its changing life one