April Fools' Day Using Shower Curtains

First of all April fools' is about FUN, so before you continue with reading, I would like to invite you to take a look at our Funny shower curtains collection, just to get an idea what this post is all about.

April 1 is a well-known date where customary to do practical joke and pranks among friends. In the social media era people can spread hoax more efficiently, and this habit break into the serious media or even politicians.

All Fools' Day origin is not certainly known. Some are attributed Fools' day to replacing the Julian calendar, which celebrates New Year on April 1, with the current calendar, Gregorian calendar. A thing that made too many mistakes, which some people continue celebrate the New Year on April 1. Over the years it became well known, and April 1 remained the Fools' day.

But the past is the past, how skull shower curtain or bloody shower curtain can help you prank today?

Pranking roommate, girlfriend or anybody who's come in touch with your bathroom. April fools' pranks need a scary theme, nothing is like entering into a dark room, and when you turn on the light, giant scary print (71'X71'it's huge) appears out of nowhere(!). We all remember Alfred Hitchcock classic horror shower curtain scene from Psycho since you watching that movie taking a shower never been the same. So, pick a scary shower curtain theme and do some pranks. It's really not that difficult and zero effort, five minutes tops.

You may think exchanging the curtain just for one day isn't worth it, but our funny shower curtains collection includes a wide range of designs that can be suitable for daily use or as Halloween décor for your Halloween party theme. Those themes can provide funny moments all year round. There is nothing like good laughter from time to time, or in the case with some of those themes a little heart attack.