Shower Curtains – Cool Things You’re Never Too Old For

For a single guy in my early 30s who lives in the big city, shower curtains are “life savers.” Didn’t understand how significate your shower curtain and how much it could change the whole apartment vibes.
I always felt difficulty in decorating my rental apartments, financially and lack of decor sense. When hosted at others apartments I always felt that their place is better than mine. I wasn't really like all that fancy decorative stuff, but it felt homie and sweet, but it does look too much and non-practical way to live.
So people usually told me that I need to renew, reorder or "let someone who knows what they are doing to help you." But I didn’t want anybody to decorate my home in a different way, doesn't feel right. I began small, "I will change my bathroom appearance," not precisely worked because there are too many aspects to cover. I was hopeless, but then it came up to me! The shower curtain! It was there the whole time, hanging like a scruffy old man. That’s was a start, and an end, I found out there are a lot of fresh, funny and decorative shower curtains designs I cloud use.  So, I did, hang on a fantastic mermaid shower curtain print, it looked great! It completely changed the bathroom appearance.
From that day on, no one was compline about my apartment decor. They all so impressed by the cool shower curtains (I was refreshing themes on a regular basis), that no one is looking at the rest of the apartment anymore.
People usually don't know how many shower curtains designs available. People typically settle for a dull floral design or basic white.
That was my experience trying to enhance apartment look. So remember, if you're feeling young and don't want to take part in all this “decor festival” and want to stay fun, have a unique shower curtains style with personal expression. Just remember you need to live your own way, ladies and gentlemen as one, it’s not a gender thing.

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