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Melissa Young April 07, 2018

We all familiar that feeling when you're moving to a new rental apartment which located in an excellent part of the city and the rent is good but, let say isn't the newest place in town.

The most disturb part in those apartments are the bathroom or shower stalls. It always comes with ridiculous wall tiles with awful colors or patterns. Floor tiles that have seen better days, all full of black spots of mildew, shower curtains from the fifties and a small broken window.  

So, how do we begin fixing those places? The good stories start with a landlord that approving you to do whatever you like, "just don't tell me about that." In those fairy tales, it's up to you, if it's a long-term rental, and you have the ability then renovate, hack all the tiles you can, pour any amount of pint you can reach.

But, here we're dealing with reality, "you can't do that and definitely not this." "This shower curtain has belonged to my grandmother (!)." kind of stuff. There was an apartment owner who did not permit to hang pictures up the wall so it will be no holes in it.

Let's get to the things we can do. There are few things we can do to "refresh" old style bathroom. Exchange all the moving parts, mirrors, lampshades, hangers, taps et cetera. If it's an option, try to paint the tiles, not as good as replace them but good enough. The standard bathroom comes with a full-size tub, which makes the shower curtain the most significant item in the room. The good part here is there are a lot of design options when it comes to bathroom curtains. Special colors or unique theme whatever you like. When you can't paint any part of the shower room, you should try to fit your shower curtain color to the dominant color of the room. I once moved into an apartment with mint color wall tiles, it was disgusting, but again the location and rent were worth it. So I started to look for the right shower curtain and got an amazing design of beach shower curtain with motifs of blue and it was perfect, really change the room atmosphere.

In conclusion, when it comes to rental apartments, the best thing to remind yourself "if you can't beat them join them," don't fight over your rights to live in a renovated place, take the good parts and revive the bad ones. The floor looks bad? That’s why we have the shower curtain and bath mat set, tired of searching for the unusual and unique design that you desire? That's why we came up with this shower curtains directory.

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