Stall Size Shower Curtain

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    Shower curtains are essential and necessary bathroom products. Whether your bathroom is huge or a small, tiny room, stall, or bathtub, you will need the right-sized shower curtain.

    For that reason, we offer 9 different shower curtain sizes, so everyone can find their perfect size.

    Our stall shower curtains come in 4 sizes:

    • 36 inches X 72 inches – 90cm X 180 cm
    • 48 inches X 72 inches – 120cm X 180 cm
    • 54 inches X 72 inches – 136cm X 180 cm
    • 54 inches X 79 inches – 136cm X 200 cm

    And you may also customize a shower curtain of your wanted size with us. Just contact us in one of the ways here.

    Browse our website freely because the stall size shower curtain is available for any design.