Shower Curtain Ideas - Classic Choice

The following shower curtains blog is dedicated to the more “classic” shower curtain designs you may choose to decorate your bathroom.

Classic shower curtains are an ideal choice to keep your gentle, modest bathroom design and your floor dry. Although, in my opinion, the bathroom is an excellent opportunity to get crazy with an unusual style, I do believe that each one of you should stick to its inner self and personal style.

Our shower curtain ideas for classic are the one display modest-simple design that is still beautiful, which will fit perfectly in your graceful bath. Floral prints, polka dots, marble look and other easy to suit shower curtains

The most classic look is the shabby chic floral shower curtain:

classic-floristry-shower-curtains classic-floral-over-polka-dots-shower-curtain

The above is one of the most classical looking shower curtains. Flowers were always the best sellers, and apparently, they will stay on the top of the charts for many years more.


Another two classic shower curtain designs are the chevron and the polka dots:

 red-background-polka-dot-shower-curtain shower-curtains-grey-and-blue-hues

Those two shower curtains prints flatter bathrooms since forever and will give your bath a vintage- traditional appearance. In today’s fashion, old-looking designs make the best and unique appearance.


Some more classic shower curtains examples:

 shower-curtains-yellow-grey-and-stone-blue multi-colored-checkered-shower-curtain light-blue-moroccan-design-shower-curtain green-and-teal-rings-shower-curtain

All of these features calm, authentic bathroom vibes then the other.


All classic ideas.