Shower Curtains and More Ways to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

We would like to introduce you a great blog by Julia Weaver, which present 11 excellent tips for a bathroom makeover. We contributed our shower curtains experience on the “Get creative” section:

"Get creative

Use your bathroom as a place to let your creative side shine. You don’t have to skimp on fashion to get function, you can have both!  We love floating and spa vanities with vessel sinks to achieve the style and function you are looking for. –iCabinetry

A shower curtain can make the most significant change with a minimum effort. So, go crazy with your favorite colors and designs today. It’s easy to switch up and you can make your bathroom design look totally different tomorrow! – Shower of Curtains

During a bathroom makeover, it’s important to choose flooring and surfaces that are functional and fit your lifestyle. To accommodate wet kids and pool parties choose flooring that won’t become slippery when wet, like concrete painted floors, and consider incorporating wall tiles from floor to ceiling to protect the structure.
Add personality and style with a painted vanity and ceiling wallpaper. – Mark Ashby Design..."


As we believe that shower curtains are the ultimate bathroom decor that can save you a lot of time and money. Those 10 other tips are for the ones that may want to make some permanent changes.


Go ahead and check them out on the full blog: 

Spruce Up Your Bathroom With These 11 Expert Tips