Shower Of Curtains Present: American Flag Shower Curtain Day

On June 14 each year people across the country celebrate Flag Day.
It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States by resolution of the Second Continental Congress, which happened on June 14, 1777.
At this day many citizens in the United States honor this day by displaying the American flag at homes and public buildings.
Raising the flag can be in many more others way than an actual fabric flag, such as American flag art (drawing and sculpting), clothing, hats, glasses, pins, and our favorite way of raising the flag is with a white, red and blue shower curtain colors, featuring the flag structure.
Consists of thirteen equal horizontal stripes of red alternating with white, with a blue rectangle canton in the corner filled with fifty small, white, five-pointed stars arranged in nine offset horizontal rows, where rows of six stars alternate with rows of five stars.
Flag Day falls within National Flag Week, also on this day, the United States Army celebrates its birthday. The good part of observing Flag Day (or week) with a beautiful unique shower curtains design is that you can present it all year round, in your home in your beautiful bathroom. Display of a quite large and impressive American flag bathroom décor product as large as (at list) 60 inches by 71inches, making an excellent patriotic announcement, you can be proud of the flag all year, and between us, it’s a pretty good looking flag, the pride of our country.
For many, the U.S.A flag represents freedom and individual rights, as the United States is the land of the free.
So, if it will be an actual flag, pin, shirt, hat or bathroom product you should feel proud rising raising it.
For flag’s honor we present some American flag shower curtain ideas, take a look and have a happy Flag Day.
Rustic American Flag Shower CurtainMap Embossed American Flag Shower CurtainShower curtain of The American flag
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