Shower Curtains - Fit and Themes

Refresh your bathroom with decorative shower curtains. Using a shower curtain instead of glass doors or other unpopular methods is an excellent way to decor and renews your bathroom vibes and atmosphere.

Shower curtains feature many different designs, hundreds of decoration possibilities. Everyone can find its own style and add a personal touch and defining attribute. The following are three shower curtain collections that feature personal characteristics. Those unique shower curtains aren’t suitable for the average person. Each of the following collections relates to a specific lifestyle or character.

First, like in the past blogs, you must know your curtain size, a standard, extra-long or a shower curtain for shower stall. Then take a look on the design, try to figure out if it can fit in a small cut or long one, a detailed print wouldn’t look so nice in a small, narrow shower room, some prints are better viewing from a decent distance.  


The first collection is Harley Davidson shower curtain, the most known motorcycle brand in the world. This collection is for Harley fans only! For those who live for their bike, which motorcycling is in their blood and features the tough look. Bring your true love into your bathroom, Harley Davidson shower curtains are unique and beautiful, features the brand logo, and other rough motifs.

Harley Davidson Shower Curtain


Skull shower curtain: This section is for the rebels, the dark lovers. These shower curtains feature a unique taste that presents rebel features. Some will say it’s a beautiful fashion style and the others will repel it. Also, on the skull shower curtain collection, you can find “day of the dead” designs, which inspired by the Mexican holiday and tradition “Día de Muertos.” Those prints feature more colorful, and festive vibes, which able refresh and paint up your bathroom.

Skull Shower CurtainSugar Skull Shower Curtain


Crazy shower curtain: “Crazy” designs for the normal personages who are looking to spice things up. Make your bathroom look more thrilling, funny, unusual and exciting. If you’re looking to “get out of the box,” you’ve reached to the right place, crazy prints are all over this site, browse the men’s, cool or funny shower curtains collections, you’ll find your desire.

 Crazy Shower Curtain