Shower Curtains As A Way To Manipulate “Shower Thoughts”

“The best ideas come in the shower” is a pretty common expression.
Which one of us never caught himself wonder thinking whiles the water a running and bam(!), a great idea to do this or that and not the other thing.
We’re better thinking in the shower, and it’s have been proven by research, we’ll get back to it and explain why this is happening, but before that, some decorative shower curtains advantages.
Manipulate your thoughts with cute, funny or other unique shower curtains is actually a basic method. The things we’re exposed the most are the things we’ll think about. Why don’t we make those shower thoughts about good, comforting or releasing aspects in our lives, I don’t like getting back from work and still thinking about it during my shower, it’s awful.
Instead of using a plain design you may want to choose one more alive, cheerful or colorful shower curtains design, choose the one you would like the see every day, every shower, every “shower thoughts” session. Why not making this session about the beach or your next vacation? With a pleasant tropical shower curtains design.
According to research, our best thoughts come in the shower because you’re more likely to have a creative epiphany when you’re doing something monotonous, like fishing, exercising, or showering.
Those activities can be doing as autopilot and leave room to creativity.
A great time to think about your neglected garden, through a floral shower curtain or about making time to take care of your pat through a cute dog or cat shower curtain.
One more reason shower is the place our best thoughts “appear” is that showering is a relaxing activity. Really great ideas come in the most relaxed area when you’re comfortable, your brain releases dopamine, which also boosts your creative abilities.
So, you should make your bathroom as calm and peaceful as you can, take the advantages of our beautiful shower curtains, and create your ultimate thinking room. You might change your life, who knows what you would invent. 
Once you have finished reading these lines, go ahead and take a shower, with your current boring bathroom shower curtains design, and think about your future great thoughts you will have with a fresh and reviving new shower curtains design you will pick from our selection.