Shower Curtains – Animal Themed: Dog, Butterfly and Octopus

Shower curtains are excellent bathroom decor choice, although many people underestimate in their value and relating them only as “this thing that keeps water away off the floor,” their loss!

A shower curtain is indeed a useful and necessary bathroom product but it also a significant contribution to the bathroom’s look. Use fabric shower curtains to add a personal touch into the shower, use a theme that represents you the most like a hobby of yours or a beloved animal. Make your bathroom look like the view you want to see every single day, like the beach, the tropics or the countryside.

Many shower curtain collections can suits you pretty well, you just need to pick the one you like the most, or want to wake up to in the morning and go deeply into it until you find to perfect shower curtain print.

Today we introduce three animal shower curtain collections each of them is significantly different than the other.


Dog shower curtain:

Some will say the dog team is in the first place and some will go for the cat team as the winner, but for sure dogs are one of the most beloved pets on earth. Dog shower curtain prints feature funny, cute and beautiful dog prints. This collection is best suitable for dogs lovers but not only to them, but some of the designs on the group are also hilarious.

vacation-dog-shower-curtain colorful-dog-painting-shower-curtains


Butterfly shower curtain:

Butterflies are the most beautiful part of the animal kingdom. Butterflies bring colorfulness into our world featuring amazing colors. Use a butterfly shower curtain to make your shower free and attractive as a butterfly. Butterflies represent freedom, change, and renewal, an excellent way to refresh the bathroom’s appearance and enhance its look.

blue-green-purple-butterflies-shower-curtain art-painting-butterfly-shower-curtains


Octopus shower curtain:

The rulers underwater feature great, scary appearance one of the most unique animals. Octopus shower curtain will provide thrilling and exciting vibes to any shower room. Those designs are great to enrich nautical themed bathroom increasing toughness felling along with beautifulness and enhance the uniqueness of the place.

purplish-octopus-shower-curtain turquoise-octopus-shower-curtain