Shower Curtain Ideas – Cool, Flamingo or Anchor Shower Curtains

Choosing one great design out of many shower curtain collections is a tough thing to do. It isn’t easy as you may think to select the one suitable print that will make a difference and make your bathroom better looking or more personal.  

As we already discussed, first, shower curtains need to be selected by size. Standard, stall or L shaped stall. So that, some sizes will not fit well on a small shower curtain or in a small bathroom, and the other way around.

After you realize what size your shower curtain should be, it is time to move on the pick a nice, suitable with personal taste theme.
There are dozens of shower curtains prints, some can categorize as a collection, and some are unique and stand proudly by themselves.

We will review two (or more) of these collections or individual each blog post.

Are you a cool person, a pink colored lover or a sailor by heart? Take a look at the following collections.

Cool shower curtains: This category is one of our best sellers. Almost everyone is looking for a cool looking bathroom. You should consider browsing the cool collection if you’re not looking for the “exact match,” you’ll not find there any flowers or delight stuff. The shower curtains in this collection are for the young ones, at least in spirit. Those designs are fun, unusual with personal say, not the like those your aunt is going to like. These are COOL shower curtains.

The Joker Shower Curtain


Flamingo shower curtain: The pinkest collection of all! Look for a unique pink colored decoration? You came to the right place. Add some pink and enhance your bathroom uniqueness, it doesn’t matter if you like flamingos or not, their awesome look and beautiful pinkish color will do the job. If you still in doubt, here is a past product blog about cool flamingos’ facts: Flamingo shower curtain Facts

Flamingo Shower Curtain


Anchor shower curtain: Anchors prints are the climax of the nautical shower curtains collection. The most know nautical symbol, sailor’s last chance to survive a stormy ocean. If you’re an ocean person or you brush your teeth with salted water, this collection is for you. Those designs are the toughest ones on site. Make your bathroom look strong as your personality.

Anchor Shower Curtain


All those shower curtain ideas can be fit in every bathroom shape or size, notice, some of the “cool” designs will look better from a distance.